A few floors below

You might have experienced unusual events in public, in which, your own reactions has become a strange one. This is the main theme of “A few floors below” which has been adapted from a real story of a rubbery that has happened to a citizen in Tehran. A girl tries to save a miserable woman in a Parking Garage of a High-rise building and in the end her own car gets stolen. This short film has been welcomed by the audiences in festivals like: 30th Tehran International Short Film Festival, Arak Provincial film festival (Aftaab)… and it has been nominated for best screenplay in Nahal Film Festival and best screenplay and best film in Zhyar film festival.

Writer, director and Producer

Vahid Ghazi Mirsaeed

Director of photography

Davvod Abbasi


Efran Ebrahimi


Reza Khosravi

Project Executive

Eede Bonian Art and Culture Company

Honar Ideh Bonyan