The Choice is yours

“The Choice is yours” is a two-minute short film series concerning humanitarian and moral-based concepts. All the stories in this series have been chosen from the daily routine of ordinary people’s lives. This series tries to magnify the simple mistakes from the people’s daily behavior, which remains unseen most of the times, and tries to encourage them to have a healthy and joyful life.

Structures of the episodes are not so complicated to have more impact on audiences. Most of the episode are two minutes long to make it easy to broadcast it numerous times to make sure that every episode is going to have the most impact on the viewers. Except the pictures quality to attract viewers in a short time, the only thing that matters in this series are the stories and people’s daily issues.

produced by

Maziar Hashemi


Bizhan Araabi, Mohammad Kart, Vahid Sheykhlar

Director of photography

Javad Razzaghi Zade

Set and costume design

Saeed Hasanloo


Danial Mohammadi

Production Managers

Mehrdad Khani, Salim Ghasemi

Project Executive

Eede Bonian Art and Culture Company

Honar Ideh Bonyan